We are always looking to take our packaging in a greener direction and aim to eliminate plastic from our packaging and we’ve made some great swaps.

Here’s what we’ve done so far…

Where possible to re-use cardboard boxes. 

All of our box infill is now biodegradable (we use tissue paper, coloured shredded paper, compostable packing peanuts and brown paper filling).

Our plastic parcel tape has been replaced with paper tape.

Plastic selves used for our solid balloons and custom banners are made from a biodegradable material.

Where products need to be bound together we use twine.

There are still some areas that need improvement.  We still need to find suitable alternatives for the bubble wrap used on those delicate items such as cake toppers, bubble envelopes and plastic mail bags but once we find a suitable alternative we will swap.

Unfortunately we have no control over how the products we supply are packaged. Be assured we take all opportunity to request a more environmentally friendly product and packing solution from our product suppliers.  Our suppliers are starting to move in the right direction. Some suppliers are actively packing their products in cardboard, others are creating new ranges that are printed using biodegradable inks.  The industry is moving in the right direction but it will take a little time (and some advancements in technology) for this change to be the norm rather than an exception. So a work in progress!