Halloween 2018

Halloween has arrived at the Party Parlour HQ!  The colour pallet for Halloween decorations in 2018 is white and purple with a hint of holographic.

New for this year we have two new halloween balloons. First up is a clear balloon filled with black bat confetti pieces and second is an all white ghost balloon complete with white streamers.

White ghost streamer balloons
Ghost balloons completed with white streamers

For your freaky food table our fun black napkins form the shape of a witches hat and for your decor we have two new garlands. 

First up is a black and iridescent bat tassel garland , another new garland is by Meri Meri and features an Iridescent Spiders Web complete with honeycomb spider.

Happy Halloween Iridescent Bunting by Meri Meri
Happy Halloween Iridescent Garland by Meri Meri

Add to the hanging decor with our new halloween fans. A pack of 5 paper fans in traditional halloween colours or our new eeek! googley eyed script balloon will fill a large space quickly.

Halloween Fan Decoration
Halloween Fan Decoration Kit
eek! halloween eyeball balloon

Our fun Halloween collection can be found here

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