A Guide to Giant 3 Foot Balloons

Confetti.ie have released their 2018 wedding trends!

3ft Giant Balloon with Rainbow Tissue Tassel Tail

Number one on their list is ‘Balloons’ and we too are seeing a continuing trend for these. We LOVE balloons here are PartyParlour.ie from bubbles to orbzs, foils, to traditional latex. Balloons are a great way to add colour to any event. A really popular trend is 3ft giant balloons, attach a coordinating tassel tail and your balloons will rise up (pun intended) to meet your decorative expectations.

But here’s the thing! Here are the Party Parlour we don’t supply 3ft balloons and here is the reason and some pointers.

1. These balloons are made of latex, and latex by its nature is a natural fragile product. So rule number one always have spares!

2. Generally the 3ft balloons (36″ diameter) are only inflated to about 30″ diameter, this puts less stretch on the latex giving you a stronger balloon that is less likely to pop and uses much less helium than one filled to almost full size (see next point).

3. They use a super huge amount of helium (and helium is not cheep!), so if your making these balloons yourself not only do you need to allow for extra balloons you also need to allow for extra helium, its starting to get expensive now. In fact a traditional sized 11″ latex balloons uses .5 cu ft of helium, a 3″ balloon inflated to about 30 inches  uses 8 c ft. thats the equivalent of 16 normal balloons. (If you want to fully inflate to about 34″ inches (about 4″ extra in diameter) its a whopping 15cu ft, thats 30 balloons!!!).

4. They won’t fit into the car and if they do there is a high chance of popping.  For this reason giant balloons usually need to be inflated on site, a 3ft balloon is big! it may not fit through some doors.

For all these reasons we recommend you use the services of a professional balloon company to create your giant balloons, they will arrive on site come with extra supplies and its one less job to worry about! 

You can still get that Party Parlour look. Party Parlour can supply DIY and ready made tassel garlands to attach to your giant balloons.  With a choice of over 70 tassel colour ways we can help coordinate you balloons to your theme. If your in the Waterford area we also stock a range of beautiful balloon tails at our studio.

Paper Tassels for Balloons
Custom colour tassels perfect for creating tassel tails